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Get Your KatFresh !

By using the KatFresh cat litter box odour filter you provide your cat with a litter box that's always smelling fresh and hygienic. The highly absorbent KatFresh granules will guaranty an odour protection of up to one month.

Get The KatFresh® Experience:

The first experiences kittens make with the enclosed cat litter box are fundamental for their whole life. With KatFresh installed into your cat litter box, kittens will feel comfortable inside the cat litter box and will stay true to their nature of being neat and clean inside your home.

Get Results, Get The KatFresh Experience

cat urine poses minimal risk for humans, as long as the litter box is kept clean and protective measures are taken to avoid exposure.By using KatFresh in your litter box, you will solve these problems.

Advise If you have 1 or 2

Cats for 1 litter box:

Add 2 KatFresh pads in your litter box.

Result = Odour Protection For 1 Month

Advise If you have 3 or 4

Cats for 2 litter boxes:

Add 2 KatFresh pads in each litter box.

Result = Odour Protection

For up to 1 Month

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