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KatFresh Features:


•  Absorbs dangerous ammonia gases

•  Neutralizes unpleasant odours

•  Suitable for all enclosed cat litter boxes

•  Effective for one month

Get Results, Get The KatFresh Experience

KatFresh® Litter box odour filter

Extra Hygiene - Clean & Fresh


KatFresh filter pads are filled with unique resine granules consisting of the finest natural absorbing capabilities that enable a reduction of foul odours in a used and enclosed cat litter box. These highly effective formulated granules are very pores on the surface area so that they can absorb odours extremely fast like a sponge, safely locking it up inside. The unique composition enables these granules to prevent the build-up of foul odour inside of the enclosed cat litter box by an average of 80% and is lab tested to be at least 20 times more effective than any other conventional cat litter box activated carbon or charcoal filter. It provides a particularly powerful odour prevention, is non-scented and does not contain any unpleasant additives such as perfumes to camouflage the odours rather than to absorb them instead.


“Hundreds of micro pores on the surface of each granule absorb odours like a sponge, safely locking it up inside and enabling the litter box to smell fresh and stay hygienic for up to 1 month”.

KatFresh Resine
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