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Project 01 | Lab tested by NedLab.



Get Results, Get Your KatFresh !

By using the KatFresh cat litter box odour filter you provide your cat with a litter box that's always smelling fresh and hygienic. The highly absorbent KatFresh granules will guaranty an odour protection of up to one month.

Get Results, Get The KatFresh Experience

Both adults, children and pregnant adults can get sick from the dangerous ammonia gases when inhaled on a frequent basis

80% of the bad smells coming from your litter box are absorbed when using KatFresh. 

Cats smell at least 20x better than the average person. Do your cat a favour and use KatFresh so that your cat enjoys visiting the litter box on a frequent basis

Health effects from breathing cat urine odour:

Anyone with a cat recognizes the strong familiar scent of ammonia lurking its way from the litter box. While the odor is less than desirable, ammonia from cat urine poses minimal risk for humans, as long as the litter box is kept clean and protective measures are taken to avoid exposure. By taking appropriate precaution and by using KatFresh in your litter box, you will avoid the problems that arise from inhaling cat urine odours. We advise cat owners to thoroughly clean the litter box first. Once cleaned, the litter box is ready for KatFresh to be installed. For optimal results, we strongly advise you to exchange and replace the KatFresh filter pads once the filter granules are saturated.

Ammonia and Cat Urine:

Ammonia (NH3) is an invisible compound gas. When a cat's metabolism breaks down urea, it produces ammonia as a toxic waste eliminated through urine. While a cat may live upwards of 20 years, thus exposing its owner to years dealing with a litter box, concentrations of ammonia in clean litter box, the danger is minimal. Nevertheless, knowledge of the below symptoms will help minimize risk. Respiratory exposure is the most common route of ammonia exposure. If inhaled, ammonia can cause acute symptoms such as headaches, coughing, sore throat, dizziness, runny or burning nose, and a burning respiratory tract.

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